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“Orchestra” rings out under the direction of the artist Xavier Veilhan as a polyphony of objects, renewing the perception of space in the Galerie Perrotin in Paris. The event marks a turning point through works that, for the most part, have never been seen before. At the same time, it initiates an introspective turn in the artist’s modus operandi. The new shapes displayed are not a negation of previous works, but rather inscribed in their continuity.

Beauty Contest deals with one of the most trivial everyday experiences: the daily encounter with human beauty and its social construction. A perennial anthropologic subject dating back to the writings of ancient Greek philosophers, the exhibition will present critical viewpoints of some of the most antiquated notions of universal beauty. Evidence from the sexual revolution and feminism, as well as the gay, lesbian and transgender movements have eroded clear definitions of who and what is beautiful—and who and what is not.

Laurent Delaye Gallery presents an exciting new series of work by Steven Geddes, who started his life as an artist in 2004, in his mid thirties, after a successful career as a fashion designer. It was his encounter with the ceramicist Colin Pearson and the Pearson family that suddenly gave him the desire and opportunity to work with porcelain.

This is an exhibition about shattered illusions and defective mentalities continuously perpetuated in Romania. It is about "Ceausescu" type of attitude within the communist era as well as its present times pernicious sequels. About Communism in Postcommunism.

anuary 2011 marks the second edition of Art Los Angeles Contemporary, the International Contemporary art fair of the West Coast. Formally at the Pacific Design Center, the 2011 edition expands to the historic Barker Hangar in Santa Monica from January 27–30. The fair will accommodate 70 top established and emerging galleries from Los Angeles and around the world. The weekend boasts an extensive roster of on-site programming, lectures and panels with prominent Los Angeles artists, curators, and arts professionals.

Experimental film—one of the most exciting forms of cinematic expression and, paradoxically, also one of the most ignored by the various (historical, theoretical, critical, economic, educational, etc.) discourses on the cinema—has long been predominantly the domain of rather marginalized theory and practice, separated from the mainstream. n all of the former Yugoslavia experimental film almost unfailingly derived from the tradition of the so-called amateur film, whose home ground consisted in the numerous cinema clubs that flourished in all major cities of the former federation.

Rough Cuts – a regular mini season of short plays, experimental readings and works in progress continues at the Royal Court from 19-28 January 2011. Highlights include a new dance project from the US choreographer Manwe Sauls-Addison exploring the world of celebrity backing dancers, shorts from writers Alia Bano, Brad Birch and DC Jackson and a first glimpse of the Romany Project, an ongoing work developed from interviews with members of the Romany community in the East of England.

The world’s only underwater sound art gallery is setting off on the third tour of the UK in January 2011. Wet Sounds transforms public swimming pools into listening galleries in which the public can experience a range of live performances, music, and specially commissioned and selected sound art pieces, while swimming or floating in the water, with ears submerged, and absorbed in sound.

SIGNAL:NOISE is an experimental cross-disciplinary research project that aims to explore the influence of cybernetics and information theory on contemporary cultural life by testing out its central idiom, ‘feedback’, through debates, performances, and events. The project is lead by Steve Rushton, Dexter Sinister (David Reinfurt and Stuart Bailey), Marina Vishmidt, Rod Dickinson and Emily Pethick.

The Tron Theatre is announces Abigail Docherty, winner of their 2010 Open Stage Playwriting Competition as the recipient of the prestigious Pearson Playwrights' Bursary. The Pearson Playwrights’ Scheme is one of the most important awards for new writing in British theatre, with only five awards made each year to writers of outstanding promise.


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