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The Arts Depot
Artist(s): Marcus Fearon
Date(s): June 2008 

Marcus Fearon, a promising young artist is launching his artistic career, with a series of upcoming exhibitions. He brings a unique touch to his 'One Blood' series by using the powerful medium of blood in an artistic exercise as a young black man speaking out about the knife and gun culture within the Black community. The series incorporates abstract paintings which comment on this potent issue. Marcus says "I don't proclaim to be a positive role model like Martin Luther King, but in today's world there aren't a lot of positive black role models who are actively speaking against this violence issue in the press and in my case, in my art."

His exhibition at the Arts Depot in June 2008 will show case the 'One Blood series' leading up to this event his work has been extremely well received in the art world, Tony Panayiotou Director of Diversity, Arts Council England said "I have had a look at your website and found your work very interesting, challenging - particularly the 'One blood' series of paintings."

The 'One Blood' series shows a small aspect of Marcus's exciting portfolio. He approaches his work from an academic background in Fine Art & Architecture. His portfolio also includes abstract paintings in acrylic and portraits of iconic figure such as James Dean and Che Guevara, which he describes the technique as "a tension between the looseness of fine art, and the rigid rules of architecture, essentially chaos vs. order." Marcus displays these pieces at his exhibition at the Artshed from 26/2/2008 to 8/4/2008.

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Image Credits:
1. Death by a Thousand Cuts, Marcus Fearon
2. London Retrospective, Marcus Fearon
3. Elvis, Marcus Fearon

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